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Tel: 01754 610966
Email: info@stabiltech.com

Stabiltech Ltd
Acorn House
85 Wainfleet Road
PE25 2EL
The UK's first mobile recycling unit

• 5 years of research and development with multi
  utility contractor
• Capable of producing stabilised soil products,
   foam concrete, flowable back fill material,
   conventional concrete
• Capable of producing in excess of 1 cubic
  metre in under two minutes

• Background of 25 years experience
  from a leading American designer
• Specific angle of bin to facilitate
  aggregate movement to prevent
• Thicker steel for extended durability

• Dwell & Frequency - controlled
  by ECU  to facilitate ease of
  aggregate transportation along

• High torque gearbox reduces
  slipping on start-up
• Profiled belt ensures 
  carriage of wet material
  from start-up

• Controlled quantity delivery of
  powder through pre-programmed
  mix designs from ECU
• Controlled quantity delivery of
  water through pre-programmed
  mix designs from ECU
• Variable conveyor speed via
  programmed ECU

• Single or twin powder bin -
  capable of carrying up to 5 tonnes
• Capable of continuous mixing
  with multiple powders, ie OPC,
  quicklime, flyash, permasoil etc
• Dispensers for foaming agent,
  colourant, accelerant
• Water tank capacity of up to
  2000 litres
• All of the above can be
  programmed into ECU mix designs

• Continuous flight auger
  allowing consistent mix
• Flexible bottom boot reducing
  damage from oversized
Bin Design
Hydraulic/ECU systems
Powder bins / Additive dispensers / Water tanks
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• Capable of producing stabilised product from
  aggregate with up to 25% moisture content
• Capable of handling aggregate/feed up to
  80mm without screening
• ECU programme writer from largest US
  tractor manufacturer
Vigorous Testing Regime
Compacting SMR in cube moulds
Splitting cubes following compaction
Ready for shipping to UKAS accredited lab for strength testing